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9/8/16 Warm water fly fishing is still going strong. Streamers are best with top water a close second. They are putting on the feed bag for the up coming colder temps. Get deep and just below the surface with Black Streamers or flashy ones. Dahlbergs in slower waters late in the evenings. Cheers!!

8/1/16 Wow the bass are exploding on the top. Carry lots of top water flys. Inland lakes and rivers in our area are doing well. Expect a lot of crap vegetation on the lakes but hit the open areas late in the evenings. Rivers are best in the mornings and late evenings. Use Tequeely's and Crawfish patterns. Of course don't leave home without the Hwy 53 North or the Bad Ass Frog.

7/18/16 Bass are banging the top water bugs like crazy, but you still got to look for them. In lakes check out areas that have breaks in the weeds and pads. In rivers such as the Clouquet river and St. Louis, hit banks as you make you way down, especially the slow back water eddies. Dahlbergs are the best, with foam poppers right behind. Use the Tequeely for stripping near banks and treed areas. They will crush them. Carry lots of bug dope, they are out there.

6/11/16 Good smallie love on the St. Louis. Clouquet River is doing good. Drag some top water stuff and get some heavy streamers down on the bottom. Crawfish on the bottom or on the swing.

5/20/16 Some good smallie and largemouth action is going on shallows. Still to early. Water is around upper 50's. Some big females are bering landed. Have to work for them. Use dahlbergs, strip leeches and numerous bad ass flys to get their attention. Mayber put a sink tip on with a bugger and hit the drop offs.

8/11/15 Get out in late evenings when the Bass are going nuts. Poppers, Dahlbergs, and Crawfish patterns are doing best. But most noisey stuff will work. The St. Louis near Brookstone and above Cloquet. The Cloquet River between Ct. Roads 7 and 8 and above Independence. Lots of fish, but fish at the right time. A few hatches are coming up. Use Adult Caddis for some great action.


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