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Local River Conditions

  •  This is Fly Flashmag 
    An awesome online publication that combines great photos and stories with some amazing web skills. Think of The Drake with a little more grunge.
  • Minnesota Fly Fishing 
    A great local site hosted by one of our warmwater guides.  Lots of up to date reports, articles and an interactive forum.                                               
  •  The Drake 
    An upbeat take on the sport of fly fishing, the Drake is a very entertaining read and their website has a lot of cool stuff to browse through including excerpts from the film festival in Denver.
  •  Minnesota Steelheader
    Their tagline says it all...  "The website devoted to the mighty steelhead that swim the beautiful North Shore streams and river's of Minnesota's Lake Superior." 


  •   Fly Fishing Film Tour
    Hosted by AEG Media, producers of the Trout Bum Diaries, this site was designed to highlight their upcoming film tour. 
  • Felt Soul Media
    A hard-working production team that has given us such gems as 'Running Down the Man' and 'The Hatch.'  Check out the blog and trailer from their upcoming project about the perils facing the wilderness of Bristol Bay, AK.  
  • Burl Productions
    It's what Mikey Weir does when he's not fishing or riding his snowboard.  The next release, entitled 'Soulfish,' will be out this winter and looks to be full of great video shot on location around the world.

What an awesome group of women. Get in touch with them and prepare yourself to meet some great people in the fly fishing world.

 Wheezy Outdoors offers Guided Fly Fishing Trips to some of the most picturesque areas in Minnesota. Chasing Steelhead and Trout along the beautiful Minnesota North Shore

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